ViewMore – Smartly light up your life

ViewMore is the most advenced flashlight ever!!!
Light up whatever you want with the best in iPhone technology.
ViewMore Pro is no ordinary flashlight app.

“The most technologically advanced flashlight!!!”
Place your iPhone on the table and the flashlight turns itself off; pick it up again and it turns back on. The many different settings allow you to truly personalise your flashlight.

“The brightest light!!!”
ViewMore Pro is the brightest flashlight app ever, thanks to its dynamic brightness control system: rotate your iPhone and ViewMore Pro adjusts the brightness for you.


  • Find the keyhole in the dark
  • Find that item you dropped on the ground at night
  • SOS signal
  • Entertain your friends in the club with strobe lights and coloured screens
  • Walk in the dark without fear of tripping up
  • High visibility when you're out running or walking
  • And much more...


  • instant flashlight activation: light up what you're looking for immediately
  • adjustable modes for switching on-off
  • adjustable brightness control modes
  • "colour flashlight" mode: use your iPhone screen to light up the dark with whichever colour you choose
  • energy saving with adjustable brightness and automatic flashlight switch-off
  • strobe light with adjustable frequency and brightness
  • pulse light
  • SOS mode for emergency situations